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Creating a Student Account on Khan Academy

1. In the upper-right corner, click “Login”

2. To the right, next to “Don’t have an account?” Click “Create one”

3. Email: Enter gaggle account email from GHCHS

4. Enter birth date

5. Once submitted, go to gaggle email and find the email from Khan Academy

6. Click on the link in the email

7. Your email will already be provided, don’t worry about that

8. Your Name: Last Name, First Name (exactly as it is written on your gaggle ID card) (Ex: Chipps, Jake)

9. Choose male/female if you are comfortable

10. The username is your gaggle ID username

11. The password is your gaggle ID password

12. Click “Sign Up”


Adding the Teacher as a Coach

1. At the Khan Academy home screen, hover over profile name in the upper-right corner, and click “visit profile”

2. On the left, under Community, click on “Coaches”

3. Enter the code TBBW8G  used by the teacher

Welcome to Geometry!
On this website you will be able to see your homework assignments, important announcements, syllabus, etc.

Materials required: Textbook every day.

  1. Binder: three divisors for three sections:

    1. Notes (dates are required)

    2. WU/CW/HW (can be on the same page; dates are required)

    3. Tests/Quizzes

2. Plenty of lined paper

3. Pencils, erasers,compass

4. Not required but recomended: any basic or scientific calculator

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